Conference Policies

Attendees of the 2022 Tenth Circuit Bench & Bar Conference must observe the following rules during the conference.

  • Conference credentials (name badges) must be worn at all times during conference events and sessions.
  • Please silence your electronic devices during conference sessions.
  • Audio recording, video recording, and photography are prohibited.
  • Live streaming during the conference is prohibited.
  • Neither judges nor justices may be interviewed by any members of the news media or by bloggers.
  • Those who have tested positive for, or have been exposed to, COVID-19 within five days of the conference should refrain from attending.
  • Those experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms should refrain from attending.

2022 Conference Artwork

The artwork for the 2022 Tenth Circuit Bench & Bar Conference features the official state trees, flowers, birds, mammals, and insects for each of the six states in the Tenth Circuit. See the key below to learn more.

1 – Blue Spruce (Colorado State Tree)

2 – Columbine (Colorado State Flower)

3 – Lark Bunting (Colorado State Bird)

4 – Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (Colorado State Mammal)

5 – Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly (Colorado State Insect)

6 – Cottonwood (Kansas and Wyoming State Tree)

7 – Wild Native Sunflower (Kansas State Flower)

8 – Western Meadowlark (Kansas and Wyoming State Bird)

9 – Bison (Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming State Mammal)

10 – Honeybee (Kansas, Oklahoma, and Utah State Insect)

11 – Pinon (New Mexico State Tree)

12 – Yucca (New Mexico State Flower)

13 – Roadrunner (New Mexico State Bird)

14 – Black Bear (New Mexico State Mammal)

15 – Tarantula Hawk Wasp (New Mexico State Insect)

16 – Redbud (Oklahoma State Tree)

17 – Oklahoma Rose (Oklahoma State Flower)

18 – Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Oklahoma State Bird)

19 – Quaking Aspen (Utah State Tree)

20 – Sego Lily (Utah State Flower)

21 – Seagull (Utah State Bird)

22 – Elk (Utah State Mammal)

23 – Indian Paintbrush (Wyoming State Flower)

24 – Green Hairstreak Butterfly (Wyoming State Insect)

25 – Pronghorn Antelope (Bonus)

26 – White Tail Deer (Bonus)

Chief Justice Roberts to Speak at the Tenth Circuit Bench & Bar Conference

The Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

The Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States, will join the 2022 Tenth Circuit Bench & Bar Conference as a featured speaker. Chief Circuit Judge Timothy M. Tymkovich and Circuit Judge Jerome A. Holmes, of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, will interview him during the Fireside Chat, hosted by the Tenth Circuit Historical Society, on Friday, September 9th. Registration for the conference, including the Fireside Chat, is now open.

2022 Conference Fees Announced

Registration for the 2022 Tenth Circuit Bench & Bar Conference is now open.  Conference fees follow.

Attorney/General Registration – $375

New Attorney-Admitted after 1/1/2017 – $200

State Court and Administrative Judges – $375

State Chief Justice or Designee – No Charge

Tribal Judge – No Charge

U.S. Courts Staff – No Charge

Federal Public Defender / AFPD – No Charge

U.S. Attorney / AUSA – $200

Law Student – $200